PIRAT Tag Project Metadata Template

Metadata form used to set up a project account related to tag deployment

text/plain PIRAT_Tag_Project_Metadata.txt — 1.2 KB

File contents

0. Intended/preferred project shortcode if known? (May be altered by PIRAT Data Manager)
format: XXXX (3-6 uppercase letters that do not already have a representation in the PIRAT DB. Will be assigned if left blank)

1. Title-style description of the project?
format:  < 70 words in 'paper title' form

2. Brief abstract of the project? 
format: < 500 words in 'abstract' form

3. Names, affiliations, email addresses, and ORCID(if available) of researchers involved in the project and their role (one researcher per line, may have multiples) 
format: Firstname Lastname, institution, role, email, ORCID

4. Project URL - can be left blank
format: http[s]://yoursite.com 

5. Species being studied? (May be left blank if array project) 
format: Common name (scientific name)

6. Location of the project? 
format: (city, state/province OR nearby landmark OR lat/long points in decimal degree), one per line

7. Start and end dates of the project, if known? 
format: YYYY-MM-DD to YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD to ongoing

8. Citation to use when referencing this project:
format: Lastname, I., Lastname, I. YYYY. [Title from question 1 or suitable alternative] Will be assigned if left blank.

===FORM END===